LeMucis is a project born out of the passion of two Milanese architects, Francesca Aimi and Stefania De Meo, in their quest for a product which is designed to be neither formal nor dress jewellery. LeMucis pieces are created following architectural procedure: they start off from their “function” and from their “place” of use and are planned, designed and formed with the intention of interacting with the female body. The end result is a produce whose weight, size, movement and sound make it not a simple accessory, but rather a feature of one’s look which defines one’s style.

LeMucis reflect the needs of a modern-day woman and its versatility makes it wearable in all moments of the day without the need to sacrifice its personality. LeMucis is produced with the finest materials: hypoallergenic metals with nickel free finishes and natural semi-precious stones..

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